SimpleHealthTracking Help

SimpleHealthTracking is a simple, mobile-friendly, web application that can be used to easily track your health information. To use the website, you'll have to have an account. Once you've registered, you're welcome to use all of the features the site offers. The features are listed below.


Checkins are the most versatile way to save health information. These are periodic updates that usually contain at least a weight and current heartrate. Checkins can also contain blood pressure, notes, and physical, mental, and exercise ratings.


Once a medicine or habit is added via the Medicine Management page, you can begin creating instances where you completed it. Once you start using this feature, you can view statistics about that medicine/habit from the Streaks page.

Sleep Tracking

Typical sleep entries will have a start and an end time. You can also enter information about the quality of the sleep. Once sleep entries are created, you can view sleep statistics from the My Stats page.

If you experience any issues with the site, or just have have questions or requests feel free to email me at josh at